Tomorrow, all semester-long exploratory classes change for students.  Their new schedules should change over in Focus at midnight tonight.  Students who have new classes 1st/2nd period may report to their 1st semester exploratory tomorrow if they are unsure where to go.  Once students are on campus and in their first class for the day, teachers will give all students the opportunity to sign in to Focus to see their new schedule.  As always, students may come to the front office at any time if they would like a printed schedule.

Here are the new Google Classroom codes for 2nd semester exploratory classes - Follese 2nd period has been added and a correction has been made to Hannon’s 8th period class...

Teacher 1st Period 3rd Period 5th Period 7th Period 2nd Period 4th Period  6th Period 8th Period
Smith elh7gp7 i4bveda Planning kj6vxci a4q4ixk m7odkvz Planning hqgpbqi 
Hannon nuap7sr dlqftvw Planning ar4cuxe kkzrjjz 3dhizjf Planning vypsqd6
Ebbert (PE) yqwxq3w gjmf7of Planning ut4p3ji slbsciw zslljhq Planning bddslwr
Foster n/a n/a Planning dg6yo5w Planning n/a n/a pm2ls5p
A. Gibson c7lcbfd Planning a7p7afx 76p4t6e wz72dr4 Planning ommxczj eepuumd
DeWitt izjjlpz uzext75 Planning oam4xkf pxin744 4gatx3e Planning h4udggf
Drew n/a Planning tfft4gl pd7mqmv n/a yhgaqks n/a abv6bax
Toleman 3m5ahn3 mdf6b2w planning 2ysjbvh 3bu4n2t Planning jcbqprg 5hxogwk
E. Gibson qpb6xbq uxwielt vh447p2 Planning wosxj5t inbvx24 nz67hxf Planning
Henry-Herbst 6yogd5t n25spc7 4cxheay Planning cmnkss5 dncrwex gsup26p Planning
Desroches hrg4rzz 2avf5ri Planning kmcpca4 srjmzxv wtrmlah Planning yrkj5or

Follese                                  33nwrvh