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Oasis Middle School Athletics offers a variety of sports and activities at different levels, giving students the opportunity to improve athletic abilities and develop the desirable, intrinsic qualities derived from competition.

It is the desire of the administration and coaching staff of Oasis Middle School that being an athlete will be one of the highlights of your middle school career. Being a student-athlete is a privilege, and is one that carries with it many responsibilities. As athletes at OMS, our young people have an image to reflect. That image is one of positive leadership, character, responsibility, and great competitive spirit. Our athletic program is designed to allow those students who are achieving academic success to develop athletic skills to the fullest. Furthermore, the athletic program challenges each participant to grow, to learn and become a positive contributor and participant in the community.

Athletic Director

Brian Montag
541-1167 ext. 451

Athletic Assistant

Joe Carson

(239) 945-1999 ext. 166

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